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Fiaro Myles writes:

Great episode of VB last night, wherein Vincent asked Dominic Hannigan [Labour TD] 10 times why we paid €1.5bn to unsecured bondholders in AIB two weeks ago. Needless to say, he didn’t get an answer.

One chap emailed the show to say: “This is dreadful. Repetitious, boring bullying; insane asking the same question and getting the same answer. Downright embarrassing. Little preparation of programme. The question has been answered repeatedly.”

to which Vincent responded:

“I think it is valid we pursue the squandering of vast sums of public monies to pay off debts we do not own, debts not covered by the bank guarantee and not demanded under the deal with the troika. This is a gigantic sum of money, desperately needed for, among other matters, job stimulation. I have not heard an explanation for the payment of these unguaranteed bonds. I intend continuing to ask that question.”

TRANSCRIPT: I Have Yet To Hear An Explanation For The Payment Of Unguaranteed Bonds (Politico.ie)