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Dublin’s Great South Wall and Harry Crosbie

Siobhan Maguire, in yesterday’s Sunday Times, reported:

Businessman Harry Crosbie is aiming to raise up to €300,000 to smooth over the cracks in Dublin’s Great South Wall to make it safer for pedestrians.

Mr Crosbie is looking for a sponsor to pay for a safe pathway along the wall, which ends at Poolbeg lighthouse.

“You’ve got this beautiful walk so why don’t we open it up to the city? What we want to say to the sponsors is ‘we will put their name on it’ so the pathway could become the ‘Google Way’ or ‘Ryanair Way’,” he said. “I’m going to write to them all, it’s not a whole lot of money. It would be a lovely small gift to the city.”

Crosbie’s idea, for a twometre wide surface down the middle of the walkway, was inspired by a conversation with Gay Byrne, the broadcaster after a friend fell on the path and broke her nose. Both agreed the surface was uneven.

Seems legit.

Crosbie looks to smooth the way; Businessman is seeking sponsor to surface path on Dublin’s South Wall

Pic: Geograph.ie