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The first water meter being installed by a GMC worker in Co. Kildare on August 8, 2013

Juno McEnroe, in this morning’s Irish Examiner, reports:

Water meters installed in homes across the country have a limited lifespan and may all have to be dug up and replaced in the next 15 years. The Irish Examiner can reveal the meters will only function for a limited number of years — despite costing €500m to install.”

“Irish Water has confirmed the design lifespan of its domestic water meter is in the order of 15 years. This means many of the 1.2 million water meters being installed in homes may only be used for 10 years or less as metering and charges for usage will only come into play in 2019.”

Right so.

€500m Irish Water meters may have to be replaced within 15 years (Irish Examiner)