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Independent TD Clare Daly confirmed she drank a “hot whiskey” before she was arrested on Monday night after performing an illegal turn on a south Dublin road.

Results of a sample she gave at the station are awaited. She told RTÉ she was a little surprised that information had been “released” without charges having been brought or confirmation obtained that she was over the limit.

Ms Daly played a prominent role in a recent campaign for a public inquiry into allegations of corruption in the removal of penalty points from driving licences.



Daly says she drank ‘hot whiskey’ before drink-driving arrest (Mary Minihan, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

Last Thursday, Michelle Watson from Prescott Arizona was arrested drunk behind the wheel of a Honda Civic. After clipping several kerbs and driving on the pavement, she refused a sobriety test, shoved a cop, kneed a second cop in the crotch, swore repeatedly and kicked the inside of a squad car.

Later, down at the station, they took her mugshot.

Yeah, baby.