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The latest ‘Trust Barometer 2015’ by global PR giant Edelman.

if you can believe a global PR giant.


John Gallen writes:

“Some pointers: Irish people are now the least trusting people of all countries measured (no Greece on this). The measure is that of trust in “government, business, the media and NGOs”.Goverment remains the least trusted at 26%, despite a +5% points increase on last year. NGOs are the most trusted despite falling 10 percentage points to 48%. Business is at 38% (down 3% points) and the media is down 3% points year on year (but is down 11% points since 2013).”


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Trust in government in Ireland has fallen by 11 points over the last 12 months according to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, which also reveals that trust levels in NGOs, business and media is down over the last yar.

The Trust Index, the average trust across the four institutions of business, government, NGOs and media, showed a seven point drop for Ireland to 39 points. This places Ireland as the third least trusting country of 27 surveyed.

Government is the least trusted of the four institutions with only 21pc of people saying that they trust government to do what is right. This is the lowest level of trust recorded for Government since before the general election in 2011. Just 3pc of people said they trust government leaders a great deal to tell the truth.

NGOs in Ireland remain the most trusted institution, despite falling five points to 58pc.

Business is the second most trusted institution in Ireland, but still suffered a three point decline to 41pc. The technology sector (67pc) remained the most trusted industry sector, while banks were the least trusted at 19pc.

Trust in media in Ireland declined by eight points to 37pc. Traditional media (newspapers, radio and television) are the most trusted source of information in Ireland (61pc), followed by search engines at 50pc. Only 26pc of people trust social media as a source of information.

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