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You may have seen Oireachtas Retort tweet to his/her 12,000-plus followers last week to ask if they would like to contribute to a fund – to allow him/her to run an election website.


She/he writes…

Later this week will see the launch of the new all-singing, all-dancing Oireachtas Retort website. I have plans and hope see to as many through as possible. To be honest I feel like a prick asking for money but I intend to earn it.

…I have six years worth of extensive notes, all the minutiae you wanted to forget, that will be launched into virtual fire pit and finally out of my life thereafter

What Oireachtas Retort will be looking at…

– Each political party and their record

– How the Oireachtas “has been used and abused since Enda Kenny’s ‘democratic revolution'”

– The meaning of opinion polls

– Who profits from the housing and health crises

– Planning and the environment

– Church and state

– The Irish media


– An Garda Síochána

– What’s facing today’s under 30s

– Irish Water

– Podcasts


Those who wish to contribute to Oireachtas Retort’s project can do so here

A lot done, more to do. The Oireachtas Retort Election (Oireachtas Retort)