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The far-right Golden Dawn party [above: Golden Dawn candidate Giorgos Germanis] is set to win 7% of the parliamentary vote, according to early projections, as Greeks punished the traditionally dominant parties who backed harsh austerity measures tied to debt-relief agreements.

Golden Dawn. Aw. That sounds hopeful.

The party’s supporters, routinely seen intimidating immigrants in run-down parts of the capital, wear black shirts, and its emblems resemble Nazi insignia. But [Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos] Michaloliakos has rejected the neo-Nazi label widely used for his party, stressing that it is staunchly nationalist.

Referring to immigrants, Golden Dawn’s campaign slogan in television ads was “let’s rid this country of the stench”.


Golden Dawn: leader of far-right party lashes out at Greece’s ‘traitors’ (Guardian)