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[Bono addesses the European People’s Party Elections Congress in the Convention Centre this afternoon, top, and Bono with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Taoiseach Enda Kenny]

“I want to give an enormous, enormous shout out. The biggest shout out I have in my heart, to the Irish people for coming through. I’d love to say it was the Troika but I think it was despite the Troika. The Irish people bailed the Irish people out.”

“For all this progress, for all these achievements, nearly 60 years after the Treaty of Rome, Europe is an economic entity that still needs to become a social entity,” he said. “Europe is a thought that needs to become a feeling.”

“Right now, your ministers . . . and your members of the European Parliament are working on another law that could help transform the lives for the poor, and the rest of us, too.”

“It’s a law to inject daylight into the financial system to stop corrupt monies vanishing to ‘safe’ havens and combat money laundering,”

Ah fupping here.


Bono’s full speech courtesy of Gavan Reilly.

Watch here.

Irish people not troika bailed out State, claims Bono (Irish Times)

Pic via RTVE and Gente en Ideal.es


UPDATE: Protestors clash with Gardai outside the National Convention Centre, Dublin this evening. Three arrests have been made.

 “I was standing at the barricades in front of the Convention c Centre, when around 15 Guards burst out from behind us and chased protesters down the street, targeting known activists…Many of my friends were injured and left in a state of shock by these actions. It was indefensible.”

Bridget, a member of Black Bloc [A collective seeking to combat austerity ‘through the re-appropriation of housing, goods and services’] this evening.

Thanks Andrew Diamond,and Sasko Lazarov/Photocall ireland


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Scenes in and around the National Convention Centre, Dublin today for the European People’s Party Congress attended by EU leaders inside and Ukrainian and anti-austerity campaigners outside.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)