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Ciaran Tierney tweets:

#Galway says ‘Fáilte’ to migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers from a beach in #Salthill on #WorldRefugeeDa (Photo via @galwayantiRN)

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Ciaran Tierney tweets:

FAILTE … to mark #WorldRefugeeDay on Wednesday, @galwayantiRN are asking as many people as possible to gather at #Salthill beach and spell out ‘Fàilte’ for a spectacular aerial photo (Opposite Coco Cafe, 6.30pm!)


‘I need to go, I need to get away from everything.’ ‘Remember When’ by Heathers. Tight harmonies. Great guitar. On heavy rotation since last March. ‘I need to go, I need to deedle, deedle, everything’. Brilliant. Wonder how much they got from Failte Ireland? ‘I need to go, I need to get away from deedle, dee’. Cinema, radio. It’s everywhere you go, really. ‘I need to go, I need to get away fr…’ FUCK OFF, THEN!

Sorry Heathers. Roll on winter.