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Anon writes:

We are a community group gravely concerned about the UN stating in 2019 that children in Ireland are silenced when they allege sexual abuse.

90% of 3,000 allegations came to nothing in 2018.

Tusla, the family courts and the Gardai are failing to protect our children. Please share this infographic.

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Via Michael Clifford in The Irish Examiner:

Later that day, she had a missed call from an unknown phone number and when she rang it back, the judge identified himself by his first name and being “from the court”. She says that he told her “you looked very beautiful today”.

She claims that he texted her while she was on a sun holiday with her children and when she came back, she received a phonecall from the judge where he told her that “her skin must look nice now”.

She claims that the judge repeatedly expressed an interest in meeting her and they eventually met for a coffee. She appeared before him again in relation to her case at a hearing, where she became very emotional.

She said she was afraid to tell her solicitor and barrister about the contacts with the judge, as he had asked her not to. When she was granted a temporary barring order instead of a permanent order, she became very upset.

Garda Ombudsman to probe judge’s ‘texts to woman’ in family law case (Michael Clifford, Irish Examiner)

Pic via The Irish Examiner

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Man held, army bomb disposal team at family law courts in Dublin (RTE)

Pic: Niamh Devereux