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studio-florentijn-hofman-floating-fish-art-wuzhen-designboom-08studio-florentijn-hofman-floating-fish-art-wuzhen-designboom-03 studio-florentijn-hofman-floating-fish-art-wuzhen-designboom-06 studio-florentijn-hofman-floating-fish-art-wuzhen-designboom-05

A floating sculpture made from 12,000 foam kick boards by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman at an old amphitheatre in Wuzhen near Shanghai.

When the artist visited the site last year, he described it as a ‘ kind of sea-world with a dolphin or a killer whale missing that could emerge from the water at any minute’

The giant fish (a nod to local folklore) was created for the town’s annual art festival.