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From The Focus Theatre:

Focus Theatre is leaving its theatre premises at 6, Pembroke Place [Dublin] at the end of April. It has been resident in the theatre for 45 Years. In the absence of Arts Council support Focus is unable to pay the rent on its theatre premises.

Focus is also responding to the policy of The Arts Council which encourages arts organisations to be self supporting. Due to the small size of the building the Theatre cannot generate sufficient income from productions to make itself-sustaining. Mindful of this, the Board of Focus Theatre is looking for a new and more viable space which will meet the requirements of The Arts Council.

Deirdre O Connell and her husband Luke Kelly (above) of The Dubliners located the building in 6 Pembroke Place originally and they along with their friends carried out renovations to the Theatre. That was the time when it was possible to be bohemian and effective without requiring inaccessible amounts of financial support. The world then was a more innocent place where a couple of 20 years old could find a little building and convert it into a Theatre space, something which would be impossible in today’s world. Deirdre O Connell then taught the Stanislavsky System and put on productions in the Theatre until her death. Focus Theatre is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013.


Focus Theatre