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A few headline figures from the Rape Crisis Network Ireland’s National Rape Crisis Statistics report 2014 – released today.

Funding for the RCNI ended ten weeks ago.

Towards the end of the report, the RCNI says:

The data collection system used to collect the experience of survivors, supporters and communities in this report and all RCNI research reports has been defunded by the Irish State since April 2015. Without immediate intervention this unique resource which provides a solid evidence base for reducing levels of sexual violence will no longer be available.

This resource cannot be replicated by the State given the level of non-disclosure of sexual violence. The impact of this government decision will be that survivors who have been made visible to the State through this resource will become invisible again.

Losing this resource means creating an avoidable gap in our understanding of sexual violence where already we struggle with silences and lack of data. This loss will negatively impact attempts to reduce levels of violence in our society.”

There you go now.

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