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Johnjoe Boathouse writes:

After my annual 8-hour visit to GNIB, where I handed over €300 in exchange for a tiny plastic ID card exactly like the ones from previous years, I tried to capture some highlights for those that have never had the experience themselves in this fancy photo collage. I also found this very helpful site afterwards. It would surely alleviate the overcrowding if they were allowed to put posters in the waiting area. About the puke puddle in the entrance…that wasn’t mine.  It sat there for at least 2 hours, and was stepped in a few times before finally being covered – and it still hadn’t been cleaned up when I left.


Burgh Quay, Dublin this morning.

Is this absolutely necessary?

Sam writes:

Hundreds of people from all over Ireland queue around the block waiting for the Garda National Immigration Bureau to open in Dublin at around 6:30 this morning. People in the queue who didn’t wish to be identified said that many camp from as early as 1am with children only to be told that there are no more tickets and that they must come back another day. Some people said that many (though I was unable to verify this)  are seeking a visa enabling them to return to their country of origin to visit family…

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