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As true Busey fans know, this is nowhere near the weirdest thing Gary has ever done. In fact it barely rates a 1.2 on the Buseyometer.

Still, it’s given rise to a new Buseyism: TRUMP: Taking Redirection Understanding Massive Power.

Oh, please use it on the campaign trail, Don. Please.

Donald Trump Captures Crucial Gary Busey Vote (The Wrap)




Kidding. Every day is Gary Busey Day.

Because there is No Other Way. There is only the Gary Busey Way.

From the 2006 documentary Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride: Hunter S. Thompson On Film. Gary Busey shows director Tom Thurman how to interview Gary Busey.

And finally. Drumroll. What some claim to be Gary Busey’s finest moment on celluloid.

‘You’re looking at the chicken?’



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