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Lough Corrib, Co. Galway last night.

Photographer Gavin Kelly writes:

“What was interesting is the creatures were certainly restless. There was lots of hooting and hollering. Some incredibly strange noises.”

Gavin Kelly (Facebook)

Meanwhile, in Kerry last night…


Caroline Flynn tweetz:

Yay, the Aurora made it to Kerry tonight :)

And in Donegal…


Pajo tweetz:

Aurora over Ramelton in Donegal tonight. Great to see it back!

And in┬áMonasterboice, Co. Louth…


Shane Murphy writes:

I sent a text to my friend & neighbour Trine to see if she could see the lights from her north facing back garden & low & behold, she could. We stayed there taking photos & watching the celestial green glow for over an hour. It’s the first time Trine has seen the northern lights outside the country of her birth [Norway].

Thanks MGrey

Meanwhile, this morning in Malahide…



Thanks Alex Connolly