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Spoken word artist Oisin McKenna wants to write a play.

He explains:

Using a blend of spoken word, physical theatre and live art, Gays Against the Free State! is a new show about revolution and reform. From Markievicz to marriage equality it is about how we got here and where to go next, about queer activism today and republican activism in the past.

We want to see how change gets made, who gets to make it and who benefits in the end. But it’s not a re-telling of events. It is an exploration of the reasons behind events – why they happened the way they did and how they affect us today.

Influenced by a mixture of contemporary queer performance, Prime Time and the Reeling In The Years’ 1980s box sets, Gays Against the Free State! collects conflicting cultural references, gently butchers them, before putting them back on stage.

It will premiere in Dublin in September.

Those who wish to support Oisin can visit his Fundit page here

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