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Waiter 2017 €80
Waitress 2017 €80

Waiter 2016 €97
Waitress 2016 €80

Waiter 2015 €97
Waitress 2015 €64

Waiter 2014 €97
Waitress 2014 €64

Waiter 2013 €97
Waitress 2013 €64

Josie writes:

Some may be unaware that tax relief is available to some workers in specific roles and industries, e.g. shop assistants, nurses, etc. The list can be found here:  One that stood out to me was the flat rate tax relief available to waiters vs. waitresses in the hotel industry:

Until last year waiters got more tax relief than waitresses.

Until this year women doing the same job as men were explicitly offered less tax relief by Revenue. The amount was revised in 2016, but remained unequal on gender grounds until 2017. So in 2016 someone reviewed it and chose to make it…slightly less discriminatory. In 2016. Sigh.


Employee Expenses (Revenue)