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Remember ‘missing’ George?

He’s in so much trouble

Gavin Fogarty writes:

Even though technically you didn’t find him…Last October you posted about our cat George who had gone missing from Stoneybatter. Yesterday, after being missing for 6 months, he was returned to us!

Turns out he was living with the girl in the apartment two floors above us the WHOLE time. Somehow she missed the posters and flyers in the area, and of course the broadsheet post, and thought he was lost.

Finally got a call from [DSPCA microchip whatsit] Pet Trace this week and we have him home again. Just wanted to say thanks for posting about it, and share a bit of good (albeit relatively unimportant) news.



And devilishly handsome.

Gavin Fogarty writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but our lovely cat, George, didn’t come home to our apartment on North Circular Road yesterday afternoon. He is neutered and microchipped but, as he was a rescue cat, he’s very nervous, so best to let us know if you see him. I know there are more important things in life than missing cats, but he means a lot to us…