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Hairy Eyes.

A new Irish/Indian start up.

Their future is so bright they’ve designed a lovely sunglasses range (above).

Hairy Eyes write:

We’re a motley crew of Irish and Indian entrepreneurs, designers, mavens, overachievers, black sheep, bean counters and jokers. It takes all kinds to steer this ship.

Definition of Hairy Eye: To look at something in a disapproving way. It’s also the surprised facial expression you can experience from the staggering prices of premium sunglasses at most outlets.

Having suffered the Hairy Eye ourselves more than once over the years, we got together to design our own collection of high-quality, durable and honestly priced sunglasses.

We are confident our products are just as good as any you’ll pick up on the high street, or buy in the airport duty-free for €120 to €150.

Our models currently retail for only €29 — plus our gorgeous goggles are slicker than all the rest too!

We have to TWO pairs of Hairy Eye sunglasses to give away to two Broadsheet readers.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘Beyond looking awesome, I have a legitimate reason for wearing sunglasses in Ireland owing to my____________________’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm 5pm MIDNIGHT!

Any excuse.

Hairy Eyes