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philip-johnson-glass-house-yayoi-kusama-polka-dots-1 philip-johnson-glass-house-yayoi-kusama-polka-dots-5 philip-johnson-glass-house-yayoi-kusama-polka-dots-4 philip-johnson-glass-house-yayoi-kusama-polka-dots-2

The late American architect Phillip Johnson’s famous Glass House in Connecticut with 1200 polka dots added to form an ‘infinity room’ entitled ‘Dots Obsession – Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope’ by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. To wit:

My desire is to measure and to make order of the infinite, unbounded universe from my own position within it, with polka dots. – In exploring this, the single dot is my own life, and I am a single particle amongst billions. – I work with the principal themes of infinity, self-image, and compulsive repetition in objects and forms, such as the steel spheres of Narcissus Garden and the mirrored walls I have created.

Now for yeh.