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Monaghan Councillor Hugh McElvaney with Miriam O’Callaghan in 2013

[former Fine Gael] Cllr [Hugh} McElvaney last night denied any wrongdoing, claiming he knew it was a “sting” but went along with it, as he wanted to expose what he described as an RTÉ “dirty tricks campaign” against him.

“I had to make it as juicy as possible or there would be no show and I had to make it quite sexy so I answered all her questions to make her interested,” he told the Irish Independent.

“It takes nerves of steel to do this. I have certainly incriminated myself but I had to do this to expose RTÉ. That’s the type of man I am. Everyone knows I would never take a bribe.”

Mr McElvaney said he initially went along with it, as he wanted to gather information for his local anti-pylon organisation.

He said since he was contacted by RTÉ about the documentary he alerted his local garda station.

Seems legit.

I knew I was being set up…I lured her into my trap’ – Councillor at centre of planning bid controversy wanted to expose RTE ‘dirty tricks campaign’ against him (Philip Ryan, Independent.ie)

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Everyone’s spooked.