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Behold the Reflective Bicycle, by a damn hipster Irish/German collective in Berlin called Happarel.

They write:

Reflective material in any form sends light back to its source. Our Reflective bicycles are coated in a special reflective material that does just that. The effect seen depends on the light conditions, so to pedestrians or cyclists, your frame will not be distracting, it simply ensures visibility from car drivers and safety for everybody. One of the best benefits; no batteries required. Your bicycle will stay reflective for seven years guaranteed, but with proper care, can stay reflective indefinitely. The bike will reflect the quality and intensity of light projected which is perfect for car headlights.

The team behind the bikes include Ireland’s Michael McInerney and Brian Smith and their friends Antoine-John Capeyron, Ebi Schilling and Fay Smith.

You may support Happarel with their Indiegogo funding campaign here.

Music: Eutechnik / Brian Smith

Photography: Michael McInerney

Thanks Brian