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Grainne Faller writes:

Researchers at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics  a Science Foundation Ireland funded project  bringing together 400 data researchers across the country] have taken all nine party manifestos and, using text analysis, have created a single graphic for each, based on the most frequently used words.

The largest word in each word cloud is the most frequently used. In some cases, like the Green Party, the word is intuitive: green. In others, like Fianna Fáil, less so: service.

The manifesto-crunching exercise is part of the Insight4Elections project [involving a team of researchers University College Dublin and Dublin City University]

Tomorrow the Insight Centre will launch a complete web service for the voter, journalist or candidate who wants to keep a close eye on Twitter trends related to each candidate, their key issues or their newspaper coverage.

For months researchers at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics have watched the engagement of all GE16 candidates, tracking growth in their follower numbers and activity on their Twitter pages.

Using text analysis tools developed by Insight, researchers are tracking key election issues as they emerge on the social networking platform.

Insight Centre for Data Analytics



Leaders’ debate wordcloud

By Annie West