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Right now.

On O’Connell Bridge, Dublin, supporters of the repeal the 8th movement call on the Government to set a date for a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment – as part of the Strike4Repeal.

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Pics: Shannon Joe Harrington (top) Buzz O’Neill Maxwell and Eoghan Kidney


In Maynooth…




Laura Silver tweetz:

#repealthe8th supporters chant “what about Tuam, hands off my womb” at pro-lifers…


International Women’s Day is tomorrow, as are the Strike4Repeal actions around the country. With that in mind, Dublin Digital Radio, from midnight tonight, is carrying twenty-four hours of exclusively female voices.

This is rare move for an industry that recently fared poorly in gender equality by percentage, with women and female-identifying individuals comprising only 28% of voices on-air.

DDR collective member Cathy Flynn talks us through some of the highlights.

Dandelion (12am), Aoife Nic Canna (1am) and Kate Butler (11pm):
Aoife Nic Canna & Kate Butler both featured heavily in the recent documentary “Notes on A Rave in Dublin”, which sold out two showings as part of the ADIFF Festival. Dandelion will open 24 Hours of Women’s Voices with a live set of her signature soul sounds at midnight, bringing us into Wednesday, followed by Aoife Nic Canna. Meanwhile Kate Butler’s Witching Hour will close the day with a live set from 11pm on the Wednesday night.

Strike 4 Repeal Rev Radio (9am):
Strike4Repeal hit the airwaves at 9am with a guide to the day’s actions, and a soundtrack to get you pumped to get out on the streets and fight for your rights.

The Renunciation:
At 12pm and 6pm, instead of the Angelus, we will listen to 12 people’s abortion stories.

These Hysterical Women – A Discussion of Women in Psychology (12pm):
Sadhbh Byrne and Jill Woodnutt discuss the role of women in psychology and how this affects women’s mental health issues.

Quiet Angry Women w/Aisling O’Riordan (2pm):
Quiet Angry Women hosts music from women who whisper and shout their wants and needs. Female anger can be ignored and shrugged off. Over an hour Aisling O’Riordan will highlight music that is angry, ferocious and sometimes gentle.

Listen here, live or on-demand.