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More than 150,000 Irish people have participated in the J1 program since it was introduced in 1961.

And 149,000 overstayed their visa.

The makings of a bit of a party, in fairness.

The CIA US Embassy writes:

“The US Embassy is inviting anyone who ever went on a J1 Summer Work and Travel Program, or any other US exchange program, to take the experience one step further and join the J1 Connect event on September 25, 2014 at the RDS in Dublin.
The day will include prominent J1 speakers from the world of politics, business, academics and the arts. Workshops will cover a variety of topics including understanding US visas, strategies for setting up business in the US, and coaching on professional networking. ┬áThe day will end with a live band and networking reception. Whether your J1 summer just ended, or is a more distant memory, J1 connect is an opportunity to celebrate this ‘rite of passage’ exchange…”

Register here