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Deputy Noel Coonan (Fine Gael) has jihad it up to here with the water protests.

“I come from the town of Templemore where we train every Garda in the country and the people down there and right across the country that I’ve met are horrified by what’s going on. And I think that it has been an awakening call for them because they are now concerned about elements of socialists, the so-called wealthy Socialist Party led by ‘The Murph’ and company and aided and abetted by extremists within our colleagues here from Sinn Féin. And I think that that needs to be nipped in the bud. The people have given that signal to us now: nip that in the bud, if not we are facing what is potentially an ISIS situation in the Middle East if those people are allowed get on to do what they’re doing. God help this country and people realise that.

We talk about Dublin and the people who are protesting here in Dublin the socialist led group, they don’t care about the country people. Country people all over down through the years had to pay for their water. Be it in group schemes, private wells, whatever and they want to act like parasites and live off of the country people. They’ve never acknowledged the role that the people down the country, small business people who operate from their own home who have to pay for their water. Businesses in the country who’ve had to pay for their water, the role that they have given in this country in bad times. They provided the money.”

They’ll be heading here soon.

Mark his words.