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Former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork; a memorial created by the artist Jill Dinsdale in the grounds at Bessborough last weekend

Following on from the Mother and Baby Homes Commission concluding that more than 900 children died in the former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork or in a hospital after being transferred from Bessborough…

And the commission only being able to establish the burial place of 64 of those children…

Fergus Finlay writes in today’s Irish Examiner:

It’s very hard to understand why members of the order have not, at this stage, been interviewed by the gardaí.

Campaigners have in the past called for the area being demolished to be treated as a crime scene, and that too is easy to understand.

If you stop for a minute and just think, it’s an overwhelming fact that an order of nuns, funded by the State, has disposed of hundreds of dead babies and is unwilling to tell anyone where they are.

How? Why? What are they hiding? What are they ashamed of?

Sisters, for the love of God — tell us where the Bessborough babies are (Fergus Finlay, The Irish Examiner)

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Top pic: Fergus Finlay