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In an essay for the Ireland-based White Ribbon campaign, Jill Meagher’s widowed husband has warned against the “monster myth” around men who commit appalling crimes.

Jill had been walking home from a bar in Melbourne [Australia] in September 2012 when she was raped and murdered by Adrian Bayley [a convicted sex offender] .

Tom Meaghar writes:

I dreamed for over a year of how I would like to physically hurt this man [Bayley], and still often relish the inevitable manner of his death, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial for Jill’s memory, and other women affected by violence to focus on the problems that surround our attitudes, our legal system, our silence rather than focusing on what manner we would like to torture and murder this individual?

Adrian Bayley murdered a daughter, a sister, a great friend to so many, and my favourite person. I am the first one who wants to see him vilified and long may he be one of Australia’s most hated people, but it only does any good if this example highlights rather than obscures the social issues that surround men’s violence against women.

What would make this tragedy even more tragic would be if we were to separate what happened to Jill from cases of violence against women where the victim knew, had a sexual past with, talked to the perpetrator in a bar, or went home with him.

It would be tragic if we did not recognise that Bayley’s previous crimes were against prostitutes, and that the social normalisation of violence against a woman of a certain profession and our inability to deal with or talk about these issues, socially and legally, resulted in untold horror for those victims, and led to the brutal murder of my wife.

We cannot separate these cases from one another because doing so allows us to ignore the fact that all these crimes have exactly the same cause – violent men, and the silence of non-violent men. We can only move past violence when we recognise how it is enabled, and by attributing it to the mental illness of a singular human being, we ignore its prevalence, it root causes, and the self-examination required to end the cycle. The paradox, of course is that in our current narrow framework of masculinity, self-examination is almost universally discouraged.

Since Jill died, I wake up every day and read a quote by Maya Angelou – “history, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Male self-examination requires this courage, and we cannot end the pattern of men’s violence against women without consciously breaking our silence.

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Police say CCTV footage shows Jill walking north in Sydney Road, Brunswick, just south of Hope Street, at 1.41AM.
Detective Inspector John Potter says the timing of the CCTV footage does not match with a previous assumption that Jill made a call to her brother from inside the bar.
“The mystery to the us at this point is the call to the brother was about 1:45am which is after this time (of the CCTV),”
“And there were males in the background, or voices, or something in the background that the brother could hear” Detective Inspector Potter told Derryn Hinch.
“If there was something sinister happening at that point, presumably she wouldn’t be discussing the health of her dad” he said.

Forensic Police Examine Home Of Jill And Tom Meagher (3AW)

Forensic Team Searches Home Of Missing ABC Worker (ABC Australia)

Homicide squad detectives have taken over the investigation into the disappearance of ABC employee Jill Meagher, who vanished on a night out with workmates in Brunswick [a suburb of Melbourne] at the weekend.
It came as police this morning recovered the handbag of the 29-year-old Irish national in a lane off Hope Street in Brunswick. Detectives have roped off a section of Hope Street [above] and are trying to trace the movements of Mrs Meagher, who was last seen by a colleague leaving Bar Etiquette, in Sydney Road, about 1.30am on Saturday.


Homicide squad Takes Over Hunt for Missing Woman (TheAge)

Police and the SES [Emergency service volunteers] have cordoned off a 200m stretch of Hope St that houses a car repairs business and a few vacant shops.
Friends of Meagher said she often took a short cut through an alley way off Sydney Rd to get home. Police will check CCTV cameras of the alley way near Safeway for clues into the disappearance.


Items Found In hunt For Missing ABC Radio Employee Jill Meagher As Homicide Squad investigates in Brunswick (News.com.au)

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