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Judge Seamus Hughes (above),

A previous winner of Broadsheet’s Judge of the Day.

A judge called a woman a “tinker” and said she needed to be “controlled in some way”. Judge Séamus Hughes was speaking in Athlone District Court yesterday during a case involving a woman charged with smashing another woman in the face with a pint glass last year.
“What sort of person are you?” Judge Hughes asked Catherine Joyce (23), Battery Heights, Athlone. “The only word I can think of is tinker and I don’t use this with aspersions on anyone else.”


Normally he uses the term “neanderthal”.

Judge Calls Woman A ‘Tinker’ (Irish Times)

Justice Heather Perrin.

Tricked a dying man into bequeathing half his estate to her two children

The first judge in the history of the State to be convicted of a serious crime.

Currently on long-term sick leave and can only be removed from the bench by the Oireachtas.

District Court Judge Shocked By Guilty Verdict In deception Case (BreakingNews.ie)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

Justice Martin Nolan.

Yes, him again (and again).

Jane Ruffino (37) said she believes the justice system has failed her after a judge granted a suspended sentence to her attacker on condition that he pay her more than €5,000 in compensation.
Judge Martin Nolan imposed a two-and-a-half year sentence which he suspended on condition that he pay her €2,000 immediately and another €3,000 within a year as a token of remorse for the attack that left her with a permanent scar on her face.

Journalist Hits Out At Justice System As Attacker Walks Free (Alison Bray and Fiona Ferguson, Independent.ie)


Judge John O’Hagan

A man who beat a woman so badly he left the print of his shoe on her body had his two-year prison term substituted to 240 hours’ community service.
Eamon Harkin beat up then-girlfriend Danielle Kerrigan for more than 90 minutes on St Valentine’s Night two years ago. He only stopped his attack to get a drink of water.
…Judge John O’Hagan said there was “simply no excuse for assaulting a defenceless woman”.
He said drink was no excuse but he was impressed by the fact Harkin had no previous convictions and had not got into any trouble since.
…Judge O’Hagan said if Harkin had not pleaded guilty but been found guilty by a jury, he would have been jailed for between two and three years.


Community Service For Man Who Beat Partner (Stephen Maguire and Catherine Shanahan, Irish Examiner)

Justice Seamus Hughes.

Yes him again.

“Ms [Mairead] Murphy caught Ms Cassin by the hair and pulled her down to the ground. She then poured a bottle of Bulmers on her, and followed her out onto the street where she continued to hit and kick her,” said Inspector Nicholas Farrell.

“Get rid of this butch type of non-feminine behaviour. It’s very unattractive to the opposite sex,” declared Judge Seamus Hughes to Mairead Murphy (25), of Hillside Close, Monksland, Athlone.

…“I’ve taken a dislike to you. Don’t play me,” he [added]


“Butch” Assault On Her son’s Aunt to Cost Woman €500 (Finian Coghlan, Athlone Advertiser)

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