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Kieron Ducie (top), leaving Trim courthouse yesterday after receiving a suspended sentence of two and a half years for his role in the events that led to Katy French’s death in 2007, and (above) today’s Irish Sun.

A charge of endangerment was dropped.

Katy’s parents believe Ducie has failed to explain why it took him 90 minutes to bring their daughter to hospital once the adverse effects of the cocaine he had helped to supply began to show.

We Are Sad And Angry…There Are Still So Many Questions To Be Answered (The Irish Sun)


Rapmachine writes:

“We will never forgive”…Now I’m not one to judge books by their covers but I dont think Katy was hanging out with Ducie for his looks…

Pair admit Procuring Drugs For Katy French (Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)