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From top: Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe and his image of the Samuel Beckett Bridge

A tourist writes:

Sometimes doing what you love comes at a price: here {above) is the Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin, Ireland. On Monday night around midnight I walked one block away from my hotel to take some long exposures- right after I shot this very frame, I looked up & saw 5 or 6 teenage dudes (16 to 18 year olds?) in hoodies & track pants spreading out around me.

“Well, crap, I guess it’s on” I thought. I started stepping quickly into the street…

[Later, having got biffed on the head]

….I’M FINE. I’ve been in some of the sketchiest neighborhoods on earth & escaped unharmed, but last night I got distracted & forgot my street smarts for a couple of minutes. That was very, VERY stupid of me, & I paid the price. So lesson learned here is STAY ALERT, y’all. And Dublin- I still love you, I’m NOT afraid to come here, it’s a lovely city, BUT… please neuter & spay your feral children, because next time they might club someone whose head isn’t as hard as mine & kill them.

Randy Blythe, of American groove metal band Lamb of God

Any excuse.

Randall Blythe (Instagram)

Randy Blythe Attacked and Struck on the Head by Gang of Kids on the Streets of Dublin (MetalSucks)