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The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-2 The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-3The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-4The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-8 The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-1The-Story-Behind-the-Lacoste-Crocodile-Shirt-6In 1991, sports car enthusiast Ken Imhoff started building a Lamborghini Countach in the basement of his house. In 2008, he ‘excavated’ it.

He’s since sold the Lambo and ‘given his life to Jesus Christ’. Sez he:

The car started out as a mission without GOD in my life. It was an exercise of human self-centered, egotistical, selfishness that just about ended my marriage and losing our home.  The car at this point was a constant reminder of what I have done and I just wanted it out of my life.

Ken is currently building a 1953 Studebaker.