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Ryan Tubridy hosting the Late Late Toy Show in 2018

This morning.

Via RTÉ:

Late Late host Ryan Turbidly has revealed that he already knows what costume he will wear and what song he will be singing on this year’s top secret Toy Show, adding that it will lead tosome goofy looking scenarios”.

However, he is keeping everything under wraps, saying, “Nobody will be able to predict anything because we’re going somewhere completely different for us.”

Ryan Tubridy teases this year’s top secret Toy Show (RTÉ)


Michael Francis writes:

Conceived as a slot filler when guests were in short supply in winter several moons ago.

Driven and expanded with support of big budget makers and sellers of toys.

Consisting of:

* A frenzied audience – with the mood stoked by free stuff in all its forms and tax free for selected employee and favour-friends

* A collection of children to perform (even if far away from home, late at night)

* A ‘star’ from whom a favour is called in to ‘surprise’ a telegenic child (enter Paul Mescal/Michael D. The President/Maura Higgins)

* A presentable family with a current difficulty (for a low budget feel good story)

*An MC to introduce bits and fool around

*A puppet or two

Promoted shamelessly, and endlessly as if a blockbuster movie.

Pushed with a dollop of free money from the licence fee kitty and help including that of ‘friends’ and others struggling to fill paragraphs in July, August, Sept, Oct and November.

Marketed persistently for months, despite (surely for some) each mention being another dent in mental wellbeing as minds are directed to dark and dreary winter nights ahead.

Scheduled in a late night slot (sssh….about the sleep well-being of children).

The ‘flagship’ episode of the ‘flagship programme’ of the doubly-funded operation that likes to identify itself as the ‘national broadcaster’.

Never a word spoken of parents on their way to DePaul in an attempt to deliver the selection of a sleep deprived child.

Never called out for what it is.

Not replicated in another country – a unique franchise. The slot-filler nurtured to be the RTÉ self-indulgent present, a gift to self.