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Cormac Flynn (of equalityposters.ie and equalitybingo.ie note) writes:

On Friday¬† myself and a group of barristers, solicitors & law students advocating for a “Yes” vote in the Marriage Equality referendum, launched Lawyers4yes, a simple website that explains the legal implications of the proposed constitutional amendment.

In particular, you can read their document “A Case for Marriage Equality”, along with their response on the right to procreate, donor-assisted human reproduction and surrogacy.



Barrister Paul Ward launching the Lawyers For Yes position paper

This morning.

The Clarence Hotel, Dublin.

Anita writes:

Lawyers for Yes have just launched their position paper which sets out the legal implications for a Yes Vote in the upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum.

The launch was chaired by Peter Ward SC., with family law speakers Mary O’Toole SC. and Fintan Valentine BL. The Position Paper is titled: “Lawyers for Yes: The Case for Marriage Equality” [at link below]. Lawyers for Yes have also assembled a panel of speakers to enhance and focus debate on the legal implications of the Referendum. Anyone who is interested in getting involved or contacting us should do so via our twitter @lawyers4yes




Lawyers For Yes (Facebook)