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Glenda Gilson with personalised Lindt Gold Bunny

The votes are in

To celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and with FOUR personalised Lindt Gold Bunnies to giveaway we asked you: if you could give a chocolate bunny to a fellow ‘sheet commenter who would that be.

You nominated people in your dozens.

Happy Molloy: “Please give a personalised Lindt Gold Bunny to Broadsheet commenter ‘Clampers Outside’ because he/she is happy, friendly and an example on how to be civil to those we disagree with.”

Dόn ‘The Unstoppable Force’ Pídgéόní: If we are going to be saps, then I think Meadowlark should get it. She is always lovely and funny even in the face of complete stupidity and is touchingly honest about the state of her winter legs.”

Janet, I Ate My Avatar:
“Please give broadsheet occasional commentator Janet, I Ate My Avatar the lindt bunny because my Mam once cooked my real bunny Nibbles when I was a kid ( he was digging up the garden and she’d from the country ) and I think it would help with the trauma to eat another bunny but this time with knowledge and purpose…”

The Old Boy: “Please give a personalised Lindt Gold Bunny to Broadsheet commenter Sarah Murphy because she may find herself in need of an emergency sugar intake more than most.”

We will contact all winners via email.

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