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From top: Civilian officers in An Garda Siochana’s statistics unit Lois West and Laura Galligan at a meeting of the Oireachtas Justice committee in March; Chief Administration Officer at An Garda Siochana Joe Nugent at a meeting of the committee this morning

In March.

Two civilian officers in the gardaí’s statistics unit Lois West and Laura Galligan told an Oireachtas committee that the misclassification and inaccurate recording by gardai of crimes and homicides left some women at risk of domestic violence.

The two women said, as they tried to raise their concerns, they were subjected to “severe pressure” to withdraw their concerns, “to ignore our professional standards”, and their “integrity, both personal and professional was undermined and attacked”.

This morning.

The force’s Chief Administration Officer Joe Nugent told the Oireachtas justice committee that the women’s information was “reliable and accurate”.

Juno McEnroe, of Breakingnews.ie, reports:

Senior gardaí have said the evidence from two civilian analysts over inaccurate homicide statistics was “reliable and accurate”.

The force’s chief administrative officer, Joseph Nugent, told the Oireachtas Justice Committee this morning that there were “concerns” about the way the two female civilian staff had been treated.

…Questioned this morning, the force’s chief administrative officer said it was “worrying” the way the two analysts had been treated.

Both he and the acting garda commissioner Dónall Ó Cualáin, who is out of the country, had “concerns” about their treatment, the committee was told.

But Mr Nugent said he didn’t know why their work wasn’t given attention. Furthermore, asked why their work and concerns had not been given attention, Mr Nugent said there had been a “difference in perspective” around issues.

Senior Garda tells of ‘concerns’ about treatment of civilian analysts over force’s homicide statistics (Breakingnews.ie)