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Loitering Theatre writes:

This weekend (as part of the Tulca Art Festival Galway, Ireland) artists Loitering Theatre filmed anti-war activist Margaretta D’Arcy in the moments shortly after her spaceship’s emergency crash landing on Silverstrand beach in the West of Ireland.

D’Arcy had been travelling into the future on a mission to ascertain the results of the forthcoming US election, when the time calibration failed on her ship.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of the final scene in 1968 sci-fi blockbuster Planet of the Apes, D’Arcy disembarked from her spaceship to find herself in a post-apocalyptic nightmare:

While D’Arcy looked on at the giant half-buried remains of the Statue of Liberty in the sand, other Irish citizens seemed oblivious as they continued to walk dogs and play with their children on the beach.

Heston’s Folly (Loitering Theatre)

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