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Bb3De5wIgAAUGRZUntil it has a tree.

Brian Walsh writes:

Made with a Post-It and  mince pie tray thingy…


baubleCristin writes:

We are knitting Christmas decorations in work and here is a Ginger Bread Man that my colleague Síle knitted.
It’s now re-enacting Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball on our office tree :)

Lonely Xmas office.home scenes to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie


John Muldoon writes:

A Christmas cracker beloved by all in the office.



sealA cheaply Xmas-hatted seal.

Thanks Maxi

dinoHeather Thompson

My desk dinosaurs are very cheery today.



Gabriel (an exile) writes:

Just me and Bondage Pig feeling the cheer.


Sarah Barry writes:

A mini manger  “brightening ” up my desk



Joanna Brophy writes:

My addition to your lonely Xmas scenes is my not so lonely overcrowded crib. Virgins, aliens, shepherds, dinosaurs, smurfs, wise men, dragons, carpenters, wizards – there is room for everyone at Occupy Bethlehem. I know baby Jesus isn’t meant to appear yet but he had a severe case of FOMO.


tinselJohn McMahon writes:

One retro decoration and some handsome tinsel. Thanks 1980s…


Lonely office/home Xmas scenes to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie