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Kevin Bakhurst, RTÉ Director of News giving the ‘oppo’ a ‘big up’.

But did RTÉ report on this…


(From last Sunday’s Sunday Independent)

They did not.


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Yesterday, Elaine Byrne (above) described  in the Sunday Independent how RTÉ planned to use the Lowry Tapes as a story to re-launch Prime Time.

“The Sunday Independent ran the transcript in full, but there is no substitute for hearing the actual voices – preferably with the transcript to hand. That is why I had also gone to RTE’s Prime Time, to gauge their interest.”

“There, I dealt with David Nally, the managing editor of RTE’s television current affairs division, and Paul Maguire, Editor, RTE Investigations Unit. They were very interested and seemed keen to do a programme based on the tape. They listened to the tape and then had me play it for their lawyers. Then I gave them a transcript. However, they insisted that they would need to do an interview with Phelan and planned the whole thing for the opening night of the Prime Time re-launch.”

“After much to-ing and fro-ing, Phelan decided he would not do the interview and the show was dropped. But this was not because they did not think the material in the tapes was of great interest – on the contrary. It was because they could not get Phelan to sit down in front of a camera.”


STRTEletterWhere this leaves Mr Nally’s letter to The Sunday Times last  week (above), that RTÉ believes the tape did not advance the story beyond the findings of the Moriarty tribunal is anyone’s guess.

Elaine Byrne: Shedding Light On Shady Dealings (Sunday Independent)

Previously: RTÉ And The Lowry Tape