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boi_banner_680x192_v4Bank of Ireland ad

From the *cough* Irish Times:

“…why, after the worst property bust in history, haven’t I seen any public-interest ads on telly warning people of the risks of buying a home, and especially the risks of borrowing money to do so?”

“Maybe the powers-that-be assume the risks are obvious. For years it’s been impossible to switch on talk radio without hearing miserable unfortunates say they had no notion their lender was unregulated / didn’t know they’d still owe money even after they relinquished their over-mortgaged house / are gobsmacked their lender could veto a deal to sell their property at a loss.”

“…How about a public-interest ad showing Mum and Dad a few years on, when they split up and learn they are both, individually, responsible for the entire mortgage, even if one of them is unemployed and the other has moved out? Oh, and the lender won’t let one of them buy out the other.”


Why we need a public-interest property ad campaign (Mary Feely, Wednesday’s Irish Times)

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland