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Review by ‘TST2’, Pichet (Trip Advisor)

Pic: Talentbase.ie

Thanks Bibi


And pronounced it to be ‘bland, uninspiring and a poor f**king choice of small-mammal based dessert.’

Producer, Screentime (The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den) ShinAwil sez:

The search is on to find Ireland’s first MasterChef!

Are you passionate about food and love to cook? Do you constantly impress your friends and family with your culinary skills? Are you an amateur cook with amazing talent?

Do you want to take part in Irish TV’s latest series-transplanted-shamelessly-from-British-TV-and-repackaged-with-the-word-‘Ireland’-in-the-title?

Do you thrill at the thought of Dylan McGrath sneering at your aspirational scran while the camera cuts unsubtly to your tearful, lentil roux-spattered face?

Then hurry! The application deadline is April 27th.