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(Johnnny Duhan, top, and performing his song The Voyage with Christy Moore, above)

…Mr Duhan alleged Mr McGarr acted unprofessionally to him in refusing to disclose the exact costs involved when both defendants offered a settlement of €50,000 in 2008.
He described himself as “outraged” to be told by Mr McGarr’s son Simon in March 2008 that the costs of the “all-in settlement” could be €50,000, leaving him with nothing.


Singer’s solicitor found guilty of misconduct (Irish Times)

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So it begins…

Re: Women’s Aid

Dear Sirs,

We write further to the email of Ms. [redacted] of your office of the 2nd April and subsequent emails and letter of the 3rd April 2012.

We act for Women’s Aid in this matter. Women’s Aid is a registered charity, being a non-profit organisation dedicated to working against violence against women. Our client received, on or about the 27th day of March, 2012, correspondence from Newspaper Licensing Ireland Limited, proposing that our client sign and return a licence agreement giving our client “permission to scan clippings for 16 national titles and 90 regional newspapers plus some foreign newspapers”

The letter continued by warning our client that should they fail to comply in circumstances where a licence was required;

“You will be breaking the law; you risk exposing your company to expensive litigation. Reproducing copyright content without permission is theft”

We understand that Newspaper Licensing Ireland Limited (“NLI”) is a not-for-profit, limited liability company established in 2002 to collect licence fees for the use of copyrighted newspaper material in Ireland. NLI states that it has been mandated by a number of national and regional newspaper titles to collect licence fees on their behalf.

Our client is a stranger to any such mandate, or any relationship between NLI and any news publication or other copyright owner. In the circumstances, we write seeking some further clarification on a number of matters…

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Newspaper Licensing Ireland?