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90389871 90389875 90389876 90389877 90389878 90389883 90389885 90389886 90389888 Scenes from the Evzoni-Gevgelija border crossing, Greece/Macedonia.

For those who survive the Mediterranean crossing.

The ‘Balkan Route’ awaits.

Eamonn Farrell, photo/news agency boss, writes:

Sasko Lazarov, a freelance photojournalist who works with RollingNews.ie and Photocall Ireland whose work may be familiar to Broadsheet readers… returned to his home in Macedonia recently on holiday. While there he came across these scenes.. Unfortunately due to his becoming ill while at home and the need to verify some details, we are only in a position to release them now.
The plight facing the thousand of immigrants who were lucky enough to survive the Mediterranean and who having got through processing in Greece, then take the Balkan Route overland through Macedonia and Serbia to try and get into Hungary, which is now building a wall across its border with Serbia. The scenes along the route are heartbreaking and harrowing.
And while not having the visual drama of sea drownings or rescue, they portray a tragic canvas of biblical proportions, with the young, elderly and sick, being hounded like animals, abused and sometimes relieved of their few remaining possessions, herded onto trains to ‘anywhere but my back yard’.

(Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie)


Yesterday morning.

Off the coast of Libya

The crew of the Irish Navy vessel  LÉ Eithne rescued 593 migrants: from six separate vessels, 50 Nautical Miles north west of Tripoli [Libyan capital].​

Operations by the LÉ Eithne have rescued 2,729 people since its deployment on May 16 to assist Italian authorities in search and rescue operations in Mediterranean.

Fair play, in fairness

(David Jones/Photocall Ireland)