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Brian Mahon writes:

I would really appreciate a helping hand with a campaign my friends are running today, the 12th of April. The story is thus. Ireland only contributes .52% of it’s GNP to world aid. This is in direct conflict with the agreement it signed in 2000 when it pledged to give .7 of it’s GNP to aid in tandem with the project by the UN, the Millennium Development Goals
What we’re doing in UCD is using the concept of Kony 2012 (work with me here!) to point to the fact that the Irish Government has not kept its promise. The reason for the Kony style of promoting our cause is twofold. The style they utilised, whatever about it’s substance, caught fire and spread around the world in a matter of hours. We’re hoping for a similar effect. Only here in Ireland. Moreover we feel that it is a target and aim that is achievable and tangible, unlike, say capturing Kony. It is something that we can directly affect and lobby our TDs on.


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