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Not even a little bit?

Go on.

You do.

You LOVE us. Everyone loves us.

Karen Moran writes:

“A new RTÉ 1 documentary series is looking for enthusiastic contributors with a story to tell…”

“#MissingYou will be comprised of video phone-calls from Irish emigrants to their loved ones at home.”

“We are looking for people, young and old, who have left these shores, recently or not so recently – for love, for life, to follow a dream. We want to follow people embarking on new chapters, or bringing old ones to a close. Those who are getting married, becoming a parent, coming out, or just becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be. They all have two things in common: an interesting story to tell and they are geographically separated from those who they would normally turn to for help, guidance, praise or a much needed kick up the arse…”

“#MissingYou is looking for honest, genuine people who are willing to share a slice of their lives with us. If this sounds like you or someone you know and love please contact us at missingyou@rte.ie.”

“To give you a flavor of what we’re trying to achieve, watch the video above”

Thanks Karen