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From top: Sibu a 42-year-old male Orangutan listens to violinist Larissa O’Grady; Barry O’Halpin on guitar and Malachy Robinson on double bass play to the Elephants at Dublin Zoo


This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Members of Crash Ensemble play to the animals at an empty Dublin Zoo to mark the announcement of the programme for MusicTown 2021 .

MuiscTown celebrates ‘community, durability, and adaptability’ and includes rooftop lullabies performed across the City, choral performances, celebrating DJ culture, and ‘an exploration of sexual identities in Irish music…’

Crash Ensemble will premiere nine, 5-minute new works as part of MusicTown which runs from 15-25 April. These works are reactions to 2020, written by composers ‘outside of the contemporary music field’.

Any excuse.

MusicTown 2021

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland