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Herodotus 2Sherpa 2Dominic 1

Laura writes:

Our three cats – from top Herodotous, Sherpa and Dominic – are firmly in favour of equality. They urge you to vote YES, as they are, sadly, too young to be on the Electoral Register.

scooMarsupial writes:

Scooby relishes the exquisite and lasting soul-torment visited upon homophobes and fundamentalists when marriage equality is enshrined in Ireland’s Constitution. Also small pieces of cooked ham.


Jesse writes:

Ralph & Finnegan say YES!


Jimmythehead writes:

Maggie hopes that all of her friends will Vote YES in the upcoming referendum!

imeldaKaren & Tracey write:

Imelda says Tá (she’s actually a founding member of TabbiesForTá)


Giustina writes:

My dog Tito, who is advocating for a Yes vote next week, is a long time supporter of Equality, so was only delighted when he received his Yes badge.


Gillian writes:

Whitey hoping to steal some of John Waters’ thunder with the launch of First Felines First

Send your ‘Pets For Yes’/No’/Don’t Know’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Pets For Yes’/’No’/’Don’t Know’ where appropriate.

Fish and small animals welcome. Hedgehogs/turtles must be out of Winter hibernation with face showing. Thanks.


The best pet pic wins a month’s supply of natural dog food from Rupert & Frank, the obscenely tasty Irish pet food company.

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