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Candycords, a unique tangle-free family of coloured curly audio cables

This morning.

Luke Brennan (him off the telly and founder of MyVolts), writes:

MyVolts got tired of black cables and decided to inject some colour into the tabletop musician’s set-up, collaborating with one of Youtube’s most exciting producers, Rachel K Collier.

It started with a conversation with Rachel, who bemoaned the lack of a simple peach coloured cable. That conversation extended to purples and pinks, and then a mini-pallete of modern colours.

We then found that in order to obtain these bespoke colours, we needed to order 3km of each cable of the six colours. Over the year, we spoke further with Rachel and expanded into a full range of cables to justify the purchase of 18km of colourful cabling.

We managed a range of ten useful cables, from a basic straight to right angled minijack, right up to a pink curly guitar lead which expands from 1 to 4 meters without ever touching the ground. We’re very proud, we are so glad to hear that musicians we have shown them to have felt the same way.

We have them live and available on Kickstarter, in stock, and ready to ship in time for delivery before Christmas.

Candycords (Kickstarter)

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