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A new party brandishing a naughty acronym.

But what do they stand for?

Our party intends to create a reformed Seanád which will oversee the actions of the Dáil in order to hold politicians and public office holders to account bringing to an end end corrupt practices in public life. This will be based on a legislative framework as set out in our Citizen’s Charter {see link below.

In order to decrease the instances of “parish pump” style politics we will also significantly decrease the number of T.D.’s while increasing the size of electoral constituencies.
We will also legislate to create a greater divide between the service functions of local and national governance and develop greater local accountability for delivery.

In order to create the conditions for job creation we need to leave the Euro in order to regain control over monetary policy which is a key factor in economic recovery.

We will impose a two year moratorium on economic migration to Ireland. It is ridiculous to engage in open border policies while record numbers emigrate from the country and almost 500,000 people are either unemployed or on training courses.

Once the economy recovers we will institute a balanced immigration policy, similar to those in other countries, which will only allow those who will benefit our country to enter but will reduce competition with citizens for job opportunities and social supports.


Rigid, inward-facing NIPS.

Nobody’s favourite kind, in fairness.

National Independent Party

New party seeks euro exit and end to immigration (Marie O’Halloran, Irish Times)


nips nips2

The thumbs-wagging National Independent Party stock photo couple complete with pair of skinhead ‘nippers’.

Tomorrow belongs to them.